Nutrition Counseling

WellFit offers a variety of nutrition counseling services. Through the use of our integrated coaching approach, our nutrition specialist will educate you on how to incorporate your program into everyday living .Together we will strategize how to make smart, mindful choices that are realistic for your body's individual needs. You will learn how to easily incorporate healthful habits into your daily lifestyle. Working as a team, we will ensure that your goals are practical, sustainable, and realistic. Whether you want to lose weight, address health concerns, optimize sports performance, or simply eat better, our unique programs will provide you with the knowledge and encouragement you need to achieve success. We desire that each client develop a sense of balance in their diet and ultimately their life.

An individual nutrition program will be recommended based on a thorough assessment of your overall health status, medical history, and lifestyle. We will also discuss your personal goals as well as your current eating habits and preferences. Together we will create a customized meal and snack plan. A follow up program for goal reinforcement and plan modification will be discussed as well. You will come away with solid nutrition knowledge and specific goals along with a strategy to gradually progress towards.

*All WellFit nutrition programs and its nutrition specialists are directed under the supervision of a registered dietician.


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