"When I started to work out with Jen in April 2010, I had just bought a dress shirt in a size 16. By January 2011 I was able to buy the same exact shirt in a size 10!  It took me 20 years to gain my extra 30lbs and only 7 months working with Jen to take it off.  I went from a person who was told by a doctor at 14 years old that I shouldn't run, to running 5k's and soon a 10k. I am extremely happy with my results. "

Margo Pemmaraju, Client

"I've been working with Jennifer for almost 2 years now. When I first met her, she sat down with me just to talk and find out my goals. That meeting was one of the best things that has ever happened to me! In 8 months I managed to loose 48lbs, 4 sizes and who knows how many inches. My family and I have completely changed the way we eat. Jennifer has shared recipes, cooking tips, shopping ideas...all good advise.

I've never felt better about myself or been in better shape. On my 12th wedding anniversary I was able to zip my wedding dress. Not only did it fit, but it was too big! For my 40th birthday, I completed my first Sprint Triathlon and did it 10 minutes faster than I estimated. Jennifer was there for me each step of the way.

A workout with Jennifer is never the same for long. She is always changing things up. She keeps working out fun but challenging, always pushing you to do your best.

Hands down I would recommend Jennifer to anyone. She is a true professional, fabulous at her job and has become a real friend."

Heather Clum, Client

"I have trained with Jen off and on for about 2 years. I love how knowledgeable she is about physical fitness and how creative she is with your workout routines. I loved the 30 day challenge and saw great results! When I took some time off for medical reasons and then came back to training, she was so helpful at modifying exercises for me, pushing me to keep going when I knew I needed it but also backing off when I knew I needed that too. I feel stronger after every workout. I feel better about myself now that I"m down from a size 10 to a size 4/6. And I still use the recipies she shared with us during the 30 day challenge - I go back to them when I need a junk food de-tox."

Emily R., Client


Jennifer is passionate about maintaining the highest standards of excellence in every aspect of her work.  She is diligent about making sure I am working out with the right from, doing the right exercises for me and my lifestyle. Five years ago I injured my back, and it was my goal by hiring Jennifer, never to have that happen again. Thanks to Jennifer’s expert advice and training it never has.

Kim Eastman, personal training client of 10 years


"Jennifer keeps detailed records of my progress and constantly refers to those records to insure proper time and attention to the various parts of my body that require special treatment. She has an excellent understanding of the human anatomy and takes great care in explaining each exercise to insure that I understand its purpose and proper execution so that I do not sustain an injury."

Jody Roseman, post-rehabilitative client of 8 years


"Her level of professionalism, integrity, and quality of work has allowed her personal training business to receive many referrals from medical professionals."

Mark La Ponte, Medical Exercise Specialist


"Jennifer's warm personality combined with her technical fitness training knowledge put her at the top of her profession. Her leadership qualities and strong communication skills make her an asset to the fitness industry."

Mike Hibner, National Academy of Sports Medicine

Donna Osborne, Client

Alison Bergstrom, Client


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